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About Armed Forces Deals


     ArmedForcesDeals.Com Established in December 2006 through the Ideas of a Retired Brigadier General and a Veteran Sgt Combat Medic. Both gentlemen over conversation at The Generals home, began to reminisce on the challenges they faced when relocating from one base to another, an average of every three years for every Active Duty Service Member. "It can be one of the most frustrating things to do and in 33 years of service being married and learning a new area coupled with your military responsibilities and deadlines, Very Challenging," The General stated. "If Service Members and families knew what businesses in each area were military friendly it would make sense to make this information available for them on the internet on a website specially designed for this purpose. Troops in the area can pass the word of which businesses they have had great experience with and those are businesses we could initially invite to Support the Troops!"  The Sgt Replied. Thus the birth of  ArmedForcesDeals.Com    

     ArmedForcesDeals.Com is a transitional website for Military and dependents who are new to the local Military base and wish to become familiar with vendors who love supporting the Troops. ArmedForcesDeals.Com helps thousands of Service Members & Families connect to local businesses through utilizing our website, especially when in transition from one military base to another within the United States.

     Thanks to the support of thousands of businesses localized to Military bases across America, we can proudly say ArmedForcesDeals.Com has helped Military Members & Families save millions of dollars by guiding them to patriotic businesses offering great services or military discounts since 2006. 

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